Acne/Blackhead Extraction

Many pores can be opened with topical acne products like a topical retinoid.  If after six weeks of treatment blackheads are still present, an extraction procedure for blackheads and whiteheads will help.

Blackhead extraction provides a non invasive, deep pore cleanse for your face, chest and back.

Pores naturally produce an oil called sebum. Over time, excessive build up can block or clog the pores making your skin look dull and congested. Excessive sebum build up also leads to blemishes and acne breakouts.

Extraction starts with a soothing steam facial that causes the pores to relax and open. Using a specialized tool, your skin care specialist will provide deep pore cleaning for your face.

Innovation Dermatology offers a variety of treatments that improve the appearance and health of the skin.  By combining blackhead extraction with Microdermabrasion , Chemical Peel and HydraFacial treatments you can achieve excellent results.  Virtually everyone with acne can see clear skin with the right treatment.


The steam treatment is relaxing. The blackhead extraction process may cause some slight discomfort but does not hurt. After the treatment, your skin may appear slightly flushed for a few hours. However, the skin brightening products used after your treatment help to minimize redness.