10 Reasons Why I Became a Health Coach

Hello Friends,

Ever since I can remember, I dreamt of being a teacher. I followed my dream and got my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. Let me tell you, you don't learn squat in a lecture until you actually experience a classroom for yourself.

I loved my first year. Loved my kids, loved my parents, loved my colleagues. I consider my first year the honeymoon phase. Everything started to change after that. Oddly enough, education became less about the kids.

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That's when I decided enough was enough. My husband got an amazing job and we packed our things and moved out of state. The bills needed to be paid, so I started substitute teaching, but it was then, that I realized my heart wasn't in it anymore

Everything happens for a reason.

It was hard finding a job when I moved and so I had some extra time to "surf the net." I started getting into blogs and a blogger mentioned about a nutrition school she went to.

It intrigued me The catch was, there was a scholarship and it ended the next day. I had to decide, and it had to be quick. Let me tell you, when you just know, you go for it. That's exactly what I did.

I've now built a huge wellness business that allows me to enjoy helping others in an area that I'm passionate about.

I attended the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. I did the online Distance Learning Program and I never looked back.

10 Perks of Being a Health Coach:

1. I set my own schedule.

2. It's highly profitable.

3. I do my business online, so I get to wear my pajamas for work.

4. I still get to help others, but now through health.

5. No daycare costs.

6. Gets me great connections with awesome people.

7. The sky is the limit. There are so many options for health counselors to do (corporate, doctors office, online business, cooking classes, etc.) It helps me reach my highest potential and I don't get bored.

8. I'm the healthiest and fittest I've been in my life!

9. I can live whereverI want.

10. I am my own boss and will never get laid off.

Doesn't it sound amazing. I'm so excited to see what life has in store for me, because I can honestly say for the first time in my life, I'm happy with where I am. Remember, you're in charge of your own destiny. What will you do with it?



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