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I don't put on makeup that is dark under or around the eyes, but lately, it sure seems like I do because I've been getting dark circles under the eyes. I know the reason for my dark circles is due to lack of sleep but what are the other causes, and are there ways to get rid of those ugly dark bags?

Causes of Dark Eye Circles

1. Blood circulation inactive: Blood vessels around the eyes are very complex and intricate which makes blood circulation difficult. If our lymph vessel system is inactive or fails to function properly, it accumulates impurities leads to a darker skin coloration.

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2. Mental and Physical Stress: Our eyes are one of the first parts of our body that feels the effects of fatigue and stress. Repetitive or continuous fatigue causes melanin pigmentation around the eyes which is what causes dark circles. So the obvious thing is to get enough sleep.

3. Genetics: Dark circles under the eyes is also genetic. Hereditary factors also causes dark circles.

4. Weak digestive system: Dark eye circles can also appear due to a weak digestive system and hormonal problems. Ensuring a healthy and proper intestinal functionality and a balanced diet are one of the basic methods of removing dark circles.

5. Aging skin: Aging process leads to thinner skin causing blood vessels to be noticeable under the eyes.

6. Strong UV rays: Wind, UV rays, genetic factors combined together accumulate impurities around the eyes to increase the effects of dark circles.

7. Wrinkles around eyes: Since areas around eyes have less oil than other facial parts, wrinkles are created easily. There are no sebum glands around the eyes and the skin is very thin which makes it easy to become dry.

8. Fluid retention: If you consume too much salt or smoke, you are likely to have dark circles. Certain medical conditions related to heart, thyroid, kidney or liver diseases causes blood vessel dilation that leads to the formation of dark circles.

9. Allergies and hay fever: People rub their eyes with their hands and fingers when itchy. Believe it or not, but this also causes dark circles.

10. Dehydration and Iron Deficiency Anemi: More causes of dark circles.

How To Get Rid of Dark Circles

1. Use eye cream: Apply eye cream that is made specifically for dark circles twice a day. Once in the morning and again in the evening before putting on essence. Spread the cream with loosened fingers gently. (Pressing too hard around your eye areas will cause wrinkles).

2. Keep the eye areas moist with an eye patch or mask: If your skin is too dry around the eye areas, dark circles become prominent. Once a week, provide enough moisture and nutrition using an eye patch or eye mask/pack. It will be even better to use an eye patch or eye mask that includes whitening ingredients like VitaminC.

3. Prevent pigmentation with careful cleansing: We put on mascara, eye shadow and other cosmetics around the eye area. It's always best for the skin around the eyes to be completely clean. If possible, wipe off all makeup gently using an oil type makeup remover specifically made for eye area.

4. Use a concealer to cover: If your dark circles are genetic, cover the areas under your eyes with a concealer made for dark circle purposes. Use a sponge or the tip of your fingers to minimize irritation.

5. Do the opposite of whatever is causing your dark circles: Let's face it, most of us know why dark circles are appearing under our eyes. Mine are from lack of sleep, so my priority would be to sleep earlier. If you are not drinking enough water, take in more fluids. Remember all those 8 glasses a day commercials? Maybe you're currently involved in something that is affecting your daily habits and schedules. Figure out what it is your body is having difficulty dealing with and get it back on track.

Some Additional Tips

1. Patting with the tip of your fingers when applying eye cream helps absorption and blood circulation.

2. If possible consume salmon at least twice a day.

3. Eat protein and carbohydrates.

If you don't want to purchase eye mask or patches, you can make a homemade eye pack with green tea bags. Just place in warm water, squeeze out and place on your eyes. Green tea provides moisture and whitening effects.

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