The Power of Lifting

When it comes to the last one on that list, I have loved weight lifting since the first time I tried it! I don't mean throwing around dumbbells at Zumba (though that is fun too). I mean honest to goodness weight lifting with a 45lb barbell and some plates! I love everything about it, from picking it up off the floor to putting it overhead. It is challenging and effective, and has taught me some awesome lessons in body mechanics!

Because of my experience in Olympic and power lifting, I know how to create and use momentum to get things where I want them to be. The most obvious benefit in my life is evident on our work days at the farm. Loading and unloading those weird shaped, ever shifting, heavy bags of feed is still a challenge at times, but I am thankful every time I do it for my weight lifting experience. It has given me the ability to tote around hay bales and move over 300 lbs of feed in a single day from the store to the truck, and the truck to the barn, and them still have the strength and energy to unload and mix our feed components together in our bins. And we ALL know that plenty of food makes for happy animals!

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Weightlifting is not just good for people who have to haul feed thoughit's good for everyone! The benefits of pumping some iron are numerous, ranging from give your body extra fat burning power, to preventing osteoporosis by improving bone density!

So get out there and lift! Of course always put safety first. Make sure and take the time to have someone teach you proper technique before you start!

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