You're unique!

Someone once said, You're unique! You're just like everyone else! It is true though, no matter if everyone is too. The world is never short on dreams but only those willing to step up and become the unique instrument that they we're designed to be.

You are distinctively different, divinely designed. (Ponder this for a moment.)

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The way you introduce yourself demonstrates it. The manner in which you walk, talk, dress, and behave tells your story. Make it a good one .

Initially, we copy or mimic others that are successful we want to emanate, and that's okay for a while, however we must make the transition to our personal distinctiveness. Keep building your character, fine tuning your gifts and strengths, and continuing to prepare to display your uniqueness to your world.

How do I stand out so that people see the real, distinctive me?

Consider 3 things that you have and focus on continuing to develop these to an expert level.

1. Flow

Your strengths have a vein of seemingly endless energy in this place. Your flow is where you grow faster, feel stronger, and go farther than in other areas because it is your personal strengths and giftedness. Personally, mine is speaking to and teaching others about their unique gifts. (Imagine that, right?!) Fine yours and stay in that placeoften.

2. Flair

Flair is your style . It may be your humor, knowledge, voice, talent, skill, or demeanor. Its YOUR flair and you must develop it as your calling card. When people see you, they will smile and say they really like THAT about you.

3. Flame

Flame is your unique passion about your flow . You're on fire where your passion is placed because it is your hot button. When that subject comes up, you gush. Focus your passion with laser-like precision and don't be scatter-brained. Always keep redirecting it in your flow.

As you focus on your flow, flair, and flame to release your personal distinctiveness, keep honing and refining it. Soon you will become something uniquely you that you never dreamed.

Think: What are my personal flow, flair, and flame traits? How have I seen them displayed in the past?

Say: I am releasing my personal uniqueness every day and becoming who I was designed to be!

Do: Write out your flow, flair, and flame and place it where you can see it every day this year.

Topical Questions:

How did you recognize your flow, flair, and flame? What advice would you give others?

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