Is There a Problem with Low Cholesterol?

Below average cholesterol readings can be caused by taking medication, making extreme lifestyle changes or as a result of genetic disorders.

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  • Medication - Taking prescription medication to manage your cholesterol can lead to lower-than-average cholesterol levels. In fact, low cholesterol is most common in individuals taking cholesterol medication.
  • Extreme Lifestyle Changes - Rapidly changing lifestyle habits, like cross training after years of inactivity, can result in lower cholesterol levels. For those implementing an extreme diet, such as a no-fat diet, less-than-average cholesterol levels can result.
  • Tangier Disease - Individuals born with Tangier disease may experience below-normal cholesterol levels. Those with Tangier disease should regularly monitor cholesterol levels to remain healthy throughout their life.

The Dangers of Low Cholesterol

Though rare, having a low cholesterol level can result in serious health risks. At a basic level, not having enough cholesterol will result in your bodys inability to carry out necessary cellular processes. Individuals who are pregnant, have cancer or have been diagnosed with mood disorders should take steps to ensure their cholesterol levels stay healthy.

  • Cancer - Low levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) have been associated with an increased risk of cancer. Individuals with cancer need to monitor their cholesterol levels frequently.
  • Mood Disorders - Research has shown that depression and anxiety can occur in individuals diagnosed with low cholesterol. That being said, people with an existing history of mood disorders need regular checks to ensure their cholesterol levels are normal.
  • Pregnancy - Pregnant women need to monitor their cholesterol levels regularly. While it's normal for cholesterol levels to rise during pregnancy, low cholesterol can increase the chance of pre-term birth.

Achieve Optimal Cholesterol Levels

Particularly for aging adults, both good and bad cholesterol need to stay at healthy levels. In addition to causing reduced cholesterol levels, prescription medications can lead to serious side effects and health risks. Statin drugs, used to help manage cholesterol levels, can cause more harm than good for many cholesterol patients.

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