Are you an animal lover, global activist or veggie enthusiast?

Are you an animal lover, global activist or veggie enthusiast? If you fell into the 4% of Americans that reportedly maintain a vegan diet, you would probably identify with all of these roles to a degree. Whether the motive is ethical, environmental, or nutritional, adopting a vegan diet provides benefits across the board not only for humans, but for the animals and ecosystems of our planet.

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A vegan, not to be confused with a vegetarian, is a person that does not consume any foods that have been produced by animals. Ultimately, this form of vegetarianism eliminates not only meat, but also eggs, dairy, and any other animal by-products from the diet. The impact of adopting a vegan diet is extremely beneficial to animals. By eliminating meat from their diet, vegans are taking a stand against the inhumane treatment of livestock and other farm animals by skewing the demand for meat and thus the unnecessary killings to supply it in the American market. While there is no killing involved in the production and distribution of eggs or dairy, vegans have similar ethical grievances towards the practices and treatment of the animals. Many vegans will explain the main reason for eliminating eggs and dairy from their diet is the conditions and circumstances under which the animals are kept to produce the goods. As you can clearly tell, animals benefit greatly from the thoughtful dietary choices of vegans, but they're not the only ones.

In recent years with studies of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions moving to the forefront in global concerns, the agricultural and farming industries are under more pressure to adjust livestock diets to meet regulations. Until the time comes when they are forced to fully comply, the amount of waste and gases produced by the animals raised with poor diets will continue to accumulate. Practicing a vegan diet once again eliminates the need for such large numbers of animals to be held in captive environments and fed poor diets. It is helpful to the environment not only for our time, but for the generations of the future who depend on our conscious decisions now. The vegan diet is also helpful to the genetic and biological well being of present and future generations.

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