I've lost too much weight too fast though, so what to do?

I've lost too much weight too fast though, so what to do? Refuel. We hit up a fantastic mexican restaurant called Cantina Fifteen Eleven, and I crushed some fajitas. Awesome.

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Oh and I forgot to mention, I am taking my sister and her new husband out to dinner tomorrow night. We will be enjoying all-you-can-eat Brazilian rodizio.

Why would I partake in a meat bonanza during my Get Lean Phase? Because that is life. Things aren't always perfect, and that's okay. The second you think you have to be perfect to lose weight, or get in shape, you are doomed. One meal out of an entire month is not going to make or break my progress. And, it wouldn't make or break yours either. The problem arrises when making poor food choices or overeating become habits.

Also, the blog will be changing looks soon! I want to make it more accessible for you all to go back and read past days, if you so choose. Day by day, something might change. Hang in there, it's all for you.

Other Cool Stuff From Day Seven

  • Trying to drink a protein shake while walking as fast as you can make it really easy to inhale liquid, rather than swallow it.
  • Trying to continue walking as fast as you can after taking protein to the lungs makes it really hard to stay on the trail.
  • When it's really hard to stay on the trail, it's really hard to stay on the mountain.
  • Falling off the mountain makes it really hard to stay alive.
  • Don't die, stop walking for a minute to drink your protein.

*Oh My Gaw! I Can't Wait! I'm Going To Eat So Much I Might Just Puke!

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