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Drug Detox Near Me

Living with addiction isn’t really living at all, as addiction mostly revolves around getting the next fix. Breaking destructive habits and patterns isn’t easy, especially without a supportive network to turn to during times of doubt. Purpose Healing Center is a drug and alcohol treatment program in Arizona offering solutions to those struggling with substance abuse problems. When choosing a drug detox center, it is essential to only trust experienced professionals, like the staff at Purpose Healing Center.

Top Five Reasons Purpose Healing Center is the Perfect Drug Detox Near Me

  1.     Accepts Most Major Insurance – It isn’t uncommon for people to avoid seeking drug and alcohol treatment for financial reasons. In the past, insurance companies haven’t covered comprehensive alcohol and drug detox and rehabilitation. However, modern times require modern solutions, which is why the Purpose Healing Center works with several major insurance companies. It is our goal to assist as many people as possible.
  2.     Several Treatment Options – Purpose Healing Center proudly offers several treatment programs, such as residential inpatient rehabilitation. With inpatient rehab, clients can safely go through drug or alcohol detox without endangering their health. Monitored detox at Purpose Healing Center eases the uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, clients can utilize the available partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment options.
  3.     Quality Amenities – During inpatient treatment, clients have access to medical staff twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to around-the-clock care, clients may use the long list of quality amenities available in the residential inpatient program. The available amenities include rec activities, a swimming pool, and yoga. Meals and nutrition programs are also included in the inpatient program.
  4.     Multiple Therapies – Purpose Healing Center offers several therapies ranging from family therapy to contingency management interventions. Breaking free from addiction is not a battle you must face alone, as Purpose Healing Center will provide the network of support you need to thrive. Medication management, dual diagnosis treatment, and cognitive behavioral therapy are the most common therapies at Purpose Healing Center. With community reinforcement and psycho-educational group therapy sessions, the road to recovery is far less lonely.
  5.     Holistic Treatments – Purpose Healing Center believes the spirit, body, and mind must work together to achieve sobriety. The staff uses several holistic treatments and approaches when working with clients. Yoga, meditation, and mindful thinking are merely a few of the holistic techniques clients can use to their advantage. With a clear mind, clients are more likely to make healthier decisions, especially in regard to their sobriety. The mind and body must work together in unison.

Why Purpose Healing Center is Right for You

Purpose Healing Center’s goal is to help as many folks live happier and healthier lives through effective therapies. By offering real-time support and a multitude of treatments, Purpose Healing Center stands out as the best drug detox center in Arizona. If you know someone living with drug or alcohol addiction, please call the team at Purpose Healing Center by dialing 480-579-3319. A healthier lifestyle is waiting for you to make the first move. 

Drug Detox Near Me

How to Choose the Best "Drug Detox Near Me"

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Drug Detox Near Me
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