Acne Treatment


Acne can be present itself at any age. It can be a traumatic, disfiguring condition that impacts self-esteem and confidence.  Countless hours can be spent trying to manage and camouflage the condition.  Symptoms can range from an occasional pimple to painful cysts. If left untreated, acne can result in permanent scarring.  Innovation Dermatology can help you manage your acne condition.  We offer a variety of effective products and treatments that eliminate acne and improve scarring.

In order to receive an acne treatment consultation with our dermatologist, you will require a referral from a family doctor. With a referral, your visit is paid for by Alberta Healthcare. Many acne scarring treatment options are not covered by Alberta Health Care but may be covered under your personal insurance coverage.  We provide a comprehensive range of acne scarring treatment options.

Our Acne Treatment Process:

Our dermatologist will customize an acne treatment plan that could include: