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Red Deer Mini Facelift


If you are looking to achieve significant long-lasting skin tightening of the neck, jawline and mid face, a Mini Facelift might be right for you! As we age, our skin loses elasticity and volume, resulting in lines, folds, and sagging skin. Innovation Dermatology is pleased to offer the Mini Facelift, a great anti-aging surgical procedure that removes excess skin and tightens deeper tissue with minimal scarring and quick recovery.

Face Lift | Innovation Dermatology | Red Deer Dermatology & Med Spa Clinic


Face Lift | Innovation Dermatology | Red Deer Dermatology & Med Spa Clinic

It is an anti-aging surgical procedure that focuses on sagging skin. This corrective cosmetic surgical procedure removes excess skin and tightens the deeper tissue layers. By using smaller and fewer incisions than a full-face lift, the excess skin can be removed and the deeper layers of tissue can be tightened, in a way that is less invasive than a full facelift and with less downtime.

What are the Benefits?

  • Noticeable results in just one procedure: Unlike other anti-aging procedures that require multiple treatments, a Mini Facelift is completed in a few hours within our private surgical facility, and results can be seen immediately.
  • Long lasting results: After a Mini Facelift, you can expect the aesthetic benefits to last for up to 10 years.
  • Less invasive and expensive than a full facelift as there are fewer scars, and the healing process is faster.
  • Can be combined with other treatments: A Mini Facelift allows for combination treatment with other resurfacing lasers neuromodulators and fillers to achieve excellent results.


Mini Facelift | Innovation Dermatology | Red Deer Dermatology & Med Spa Clinic

With a Mini Facelift, a local anesthetic is used in conjunction with mild sedation, so you remain comfortable throughout. You will remain conscious but will feel no pain. The physician will manipulate the underlying tissues in your skin by lifting and then pulling it up, while also removing excess tissue. Incisions are placed within the hairline or the natural lines and curves of the face in order to effectively hide scars. And because a Mini Facelift has fewer incisions than a full facelift, there is less to heal and therefore a quicker recovery. There will be minimal scarring, and most patients can expect bruising and swelling to resolve within 1-2 weeks. The days following surgery, the skin will feel tight, however this will resolve over time.

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Mini Facelift | Innovation Dermatology | Red Deer Dermatology & Med Spa Clinic

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