Body Contouring – BodyFX


BodyFX and Evolve are at the forefront of body contouring procedures.  They offer a long-lasting, non-invasive solution to reduce the unwanted appearance of cellulite and fat deposits. This technology uses radio frequency (RF), deep tissue heating and a light vacuum to tighten skin and melt fat cells over time. This treatment is the ideal non-surgical alternative to liposuction.  Unlike other fat reducing treatments like Coolsculpting that do not tighten the skin, this body contouring treatment reduces fat AND tightens the skin simultaneously.

BodyFX is most commonly used on love handles, thighs, abdomen, upper arms and other areas that require fat reduction to reduce the appearance of dimpled skin and restore the loss of elasticity to the skin.


BodyFX uses a combination of different technologies including radio frequency energy, deep tissue heating, and muscle stimulation. Together these techniques work synergistically to provide beautiful body shaping results.

BodyFX is a safe and effective procedure.


Most patients find BodyFX to be comfortable.  As the radio frequency and vacuum work to smooth out unwanted stubborn pockets of fat, you will feel your skin warming and a gentle pulling sensation.


Typically, we recommend six to eight weekly sessions. After two to three treatments the skin will start to appear smoother and then tighter. You can expect to see the final results approximately six months after your last treatment.

BodyFX results can be permanent if a patient does not gain weight.  While BodyFX permanently destroys treated fat cells, any remaining cells in the area can expand with weight gain.


BodyFX can be a lunch time procedure with no downtime. Patients may notice redness and warmth in the treated area which will subside after a few hours. This warmth is equivalent to the sensation felt after a deep tissue massage and will not prevent you from any regular activities.