Cyst Removal


Innovation Dermatology offers cyst removal at our non hospital surgical facility. Cysts are rarely a health risk but they can be painful, bothersome and unsightly.  A cyst must be removed completely, including the entire lining so it does not recur.  It is considered a minor skin procedure.

In order to receive a consultation with a dermatologist for a cyst removal, you will require a referral from a physician.  With a referral, your visit is paid for by Alberta Healthcare.  The removal of a benign cyst in our non hospital surgical facility will result in a patient fee.  This will be discussed with the patient prior to booking the procedure.

Our Cyst Removal Process: 

Cyst removal is considered a minor surgical procedurethat involves local anesthesia. During a cyst removal, the doctor will mark and numb the area around the cyst.  The cyst lining will then be removed and often sutures will be used to close the affected area.

  • Treatment time under 30 minutes
  • Minimal pain
  • Minimal down time