Eyelid Lift Surgery- Blepharoplasty

Laser Eyelid Lift Surgery (blepharoplasty) corrects sagging, puffy eyelids and helps patients appear more youthful and rested. This surgery can be used for both the upper and lower eyelids.  The surgery targets the excess skin and fat and reduces the look of heavy lids and puffiness around the eye.

This procedure is effective for:

  • Redundant skin of upper eyelids or lash line
  • Puffiness in upper and lower eyelids
  • Deep grooves under your eyes

Eyelid Lift Surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not a covered service under Alberta Healthcare.

Dr. Day is a Royal College-certified dermatologist with specialized experience and training in eyelid surgery. If you would like to know if eyelid surgery is the right anti-aging treatment for you, book a free consultation with Dr. Day.

We recommend patients have a vision test with their optometrist prior to having eyelid surgery.


For those wanting to avoid surgery, tightening of the skin around the eyes can also be achieved with laser resurfacing and Accutite®.

Eyelid Lift Surgery- Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty can be performed using a surgical laser. We administer a local anesthetic to numb the area and a sedative that keeps patients comfortable throughout the surgery. The laser enables greater accuracy when dealing with the delicate skin around the eye and reduces bleeding and bruising.

Surgery time averages 2 hours. Recovery is typically 7 days and requires suture removal at 5-7 days. Swelling and bruising can vary between patients: a return to regular activity may take up to one week.