Mole Removal


A mole, or “nevus” is a common benign skin growth composed of pigment cells called melanocytes. The number of moles you develop is dependent on your genes and cumulative sun exposure. While most moles are harmless, some may need to be removed due to their risk for skin cancer or appearance. A dermatologist can help you determine whether a mole is harmless or of concern. If you have a large number of moles you may benefit from periodic screening by a dermatologist.

In order to receive a consultation with a dermatologist, you will require a referral from a physician. With a referral, your visit is paid for by Alberta Healthcare. Moles removed due to their atypical presentation and abnormal histology under the microscope are covered by Alberta Health Care. Moles removed for cosmetic reasons are not covered and will be charged to a patient directly.  The cost of a cosmetic mole removal will depend on the size and location of the mole.

Our Mole Removal Process:

How a mole is treated depends on many factors. If a mole poses a cancer risk, the treatment will involve a surgical removal using a local anesthetic. Non-cancerous moles that are not atypical and do not protrude above the skin surface may be removed with a laser.

  • A quick treatment
  • Little to no discomfort
  • Fast healing time

What are the features of an
A-typical Mole?

The term atypical nevus is sometimes used to mean “a funny-looking mole”.  It can be defined as a mole with at least 3 of the following features:

  • Size 6 mm diameter
  • Size Ill-defined or blurred borders
  • Irregular margin resulting in an unusual shape
  • Varying shades of colour (mostly pink, tan, brown, black)
  • Flat and bumpy components

What Our Clients Say

“I found Dr. Day very caring and supportive however what an absolutely
incredible and compassionate staff he has! I’d trust every single one of
his members any day with my skin needs! I had nothing but good things
to say as I left his clinic, but I can’t say enough about that crew! Thank
you and I’ll definitely will be coming back.”

“Dr. Day was very kind and helpful to my mother who was diagnosed
with a basal cell skin cancer. He booked us quickly for surgery, answered
our questions and did a wonderful job in removing the skin cancer on
her cheek. She has since healed well.”

“I was sent for a mole removal which went so well I asked Dr. Day
about another problem. He booked me back and then told me it was
a kind of psoriasis. I went on treatment and am way way better. Finally,
the itch it gone. He was busy but he delivers results! He took great care
of me! Would definitely recommend to others.”

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