Skin Tag Removal


Innovation Dermatology offers skin tag removal services.   Skin tags are small, soft growths usually on the neck, eyelids, upper trunk and body folds. They can develop on anyone, but are more common as we age.  Skin tags are typically harmless.  People often like to remove them for two reasons:

1. They are located in an undesirable spot and are unsightly

2. They can become irritated when rubbed.

The removal of a benign (non-cancerous) growth is considered a cosmetic service. A doctor’s referral for a removal procedure is not required.  Removal services are not covered by Alberta Health Care and will be charged to the patient directly.  Patients may have this service covered under their own personal health care plans.

Our Skin Tag Removal Process:

A removal is considered a minor surgery that could involve a local anesthetic.  Procedures can include cutting, freezing and burning the growths.  Your Dermatologist will determine which procedure is best for you.

  • Treatment time under 30 minutes
  • Painless to slight sting
  • Minimal downtime